Zimbabwe High Court Reverses Central Bank’s Cryptocurrency Ban

Just recently news.Bitcoin.com reported on the Zimbabwe-based exchange Golix filing a lawsuit over the recent Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) ‘cryptocurrency ban’ that was issued in a financial guidance circular earlier this month. Now, according to numerous regional reports, the Zimbabwe High Court has ruled in favor of the trading platform’s argument because the RBZ failed to show up to the trial.

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Coin Review – HOLO

**Allows for lightweight transactions
**Uses distributed hash tables instead of blockchain
**Users can host decentralized applications on the platform
**Those who hosts these applications can earn tokens for doing so
**User data is hosted on their own private chain
**Offers lower cost hosting to developers
**Applications run on their own chains, and they dictate their own terms


Ticker – HOT

Availiable at Ethershift – IDEX – FATbtc

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SEC Chairman Applauds ‘Operation Crypto-Sweep’

The chairman of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Jay Clayton, has issued a statement “applaud[ing]” the efforts of authorities associated with the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) in executing the current “enforcement sweep targeting fraudulent ICOs and crypto-asset investment products.”

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Here’s What Happened At Graceland’s Ethereum Conference

Throughout 2018, blockchain and cryptocurrency hackathons are taking place on every continent but Antartica. In the United States alone, conferences are happening in Las VegasAtlantaBerkeleyRaleighSan FranciscoNew York CitySeattle and, of course, Silicon Valley. Some conferences will be more inclined toward a particular sector like Blockchain Health in Washington D.C. Others will target a specific demographic like Women4Blockchain in New York City. Some conferences will attract thousands in attendance; others might charge thousands of dollars for attendance.

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